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Blog: Thursday, May 30th, 2019

Co-planning: A Collaboration with Explorations

Students at Howe Middle have been making their learning visible during their Explorations class, with Digital Media Arts teacher Mrs. Enns. They have developed digital media skills using Lucidpress to create e-book templates that can be used in their core academic classes. Mrs. Enns collaborated and co-planned with Mr. Nomellini, a grade 8 teacher, to create a French-speaking country project. They co-planned the required content of the book using their different expertise, knowledge and experience. 

In Digital Media Arts, student used Lucidpress to design templates based on Principles of Design. In French, class students were able to do research and place the content and images into their templates. In the end, students were able to download a PDF of their finished project and import it into iBooks on the iPad to present their projects. Mrs. Enns assessed the Lucidpress and technical design and Mr. Nomellini assessed the content of the e-book.

Daniel, grade 8 student, said “half the project was a French research project and half the project was a design project for Digital Arts. We were taught about rags for paragraphs to make them more visually appealing to the eye. We learned about how different Serif fonts can keep people engaged in what you have written. Older fonts can be harder to look at and follow when you are reading. We learned about how a simple design copied over multiple pages can speed up the process of making an e-book and is visually easier to read. The project really challenged us to work on a bigger project, to manage our time and to analyze the difference between countries. It was pretty interesting to work with two teachers, we got double the work time and multiple lessons from different teachers.”

Mrs. Enns presented Lucidpress to staff at a recent professional development session. We look forward to future collaborations between Explorations teachers and core academic teachers.

Vice-Principal, Colleen & Gordie Howe Middle School