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Howe Music

If you are a young person that loves music, then Howe Middle is the place to be!  Courses such as Guitar Ensemble, Concert Band, Choir, World Percussion and Music Explorations all give students unique opportunities to discover and hone their musical talents.  At Howe, music brings our many cultures together, allowing all to celebrate as one community.  Music students take part in many performances and cultural events throughout the year at school and in the community at large.  Take a look at the detailed descriptions below to get a glimpse into the many musical opportunities at Howe! If you have any questions, please see Mr. Noftle, e mail him at joel.noftle [at] (subject: Howe%20Middle%20Band) , or check out his website at

Concert Band

- Learn traditional woodwind and orchestral percussion instruments, while playing famous orchestral and western classical music.  We also like to mix in some popular music and movie themes as well!

Guitar Ensemble

- Learn how to play some of the most famous rock tunes of all time on acoustic guitar - with 40 of your friends!  


- We all love to sing, and choir is a fun place to do it!  Here students will explore and develop the range and tone of your voice, as well as learn basic part-singing and note reading.  There are opportunities for solos, and to sing some popular songs with a large group.

World Percussion

- Learn how to play percussion instruments from around the world!  Currently, we are focusing on the dhol and tabla, and we perform as a dhol group at many events throughout the year.  These instruments come from a long and beautiful tradition, and are great fun!


- In Music Explorations students will get a taste of what it is like to play many instruments.  Dhol, tabla, piano and guitar are all examples of instruments that students will be introduced to during Explorations.  Introductions to music technology and modern music production where students will learn about many styles of music from all around the world, and just how great music is!

Keyboard Club

- Would you like to learn how to play the piano?  The piano is one of the most popular instruments of all time, and is used is almost every genre throughout the world.  At Howe we have enough keyboards for a full class - so your friends can learn with you!