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Welcome To Colleen and Gordie Howe Middle School

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Colleen and Gordie Howe Middle School opened its doors in September 2001, and is founded on the guiding principles of exemplary Middle Schools.

Attributes of a Howe Learner

At Howe Middle, we are committed to develop learners who are:

  • Critical Thinkers
  • Collaborators
  • Effective Communicators
  • Socially Responsible
  • Well-Rounded
  • Open-Minded
  • Digitally Literate
  • Innovative
  • Respectful

Principal’s Message

Every student is entitled to receive a quality education, provided to the best of our ability, regardless of the child’s ability or background. I strongly believe that education is an individual’s “ticket” to become anything he/she wants to be, regardless of personal circumstances. It is the key, which opens a world of choices. As Principal, my role is to be an educational leader who promotes the success of all students by advocating, nurturing, and sustaining a school culture and instructional program conducive to student learning and staff professional growth. I believe that “it takes a village to raise a child” and that the home and the school share the responsibility to educate a child. Active parent involvement is crucial to a child's success in school. Parents and teachers should work closely together, in an atmosphere of open communication, mutual support, and respect, in the best interests of the child. I believe in a caring atmosphere that encourages student participation, enjoyment, and success. Students are motivated through successful, enjoyable experiences and recognition of accomplishments.
It is my hope that students enjoy their time at Howe Middle. To that end, I strongly suggest that students join a team and/or one of the many activities available to make the most of their short time here. Get involved!! - Mr. D. Horton

Our Mission:

At Colleen & Gordie Howe Middle we are committed to develop learners who are:

  • Critical Thinkers
  • Collaborators
  • Effective Communicators
  • Socially Responsible
  • Well-Rounded
  • Open-Minded
  • Digitally Literate
  • Innovative
  • Respectful

Our Vision:

  • Encouraging, inspiring and empowering lifelong learners.

Our Values:

  • Respect, trust, integrity, communication, and teamwork.

Our Beliefs:

Through interdisciplinary curricula, the faculty and staff at Howe Middle School teach students skills that are built upon throughout their schooling and recognize that:

  • Students learn best when they are actively involved in their learning.
  • Learning must be relevant and engaging.
  • Students learn in different ways and all students need individual differences recognized.
  • We need to recognize success.
  • All students can be successful when we encourage their unique skills and abilities.
  • All students need challenges.
  • All students are the responsibility of the family, school and community.
  • We must always expect the best from others and ourselves
  • We must include and integrate technology as a part of the learning process

Our School Goal Inquiry Questions:

  • How can we build protective factors in our students? 
  • What effect will these have on our students’ achievement? 


  • Teachers team in Pods of 2 or 3 to provide an interdisciplinary approach to classroom instruction. Classes loop in grade 6 & 7 to create a strong, caring relationship between teacher and student. Learning Support Services are available for students in every grade and include ELL, Gifted, and Aboriginal education.


  • Students in the middle grades must be given opportunities to explore new things, learn new skills, and enjoy a hands-on approach to learning. All students participate in the Explorations program, including Woodwork, Digital Arts, Home Economics, and Music.


  • Students have access to computers, 6 per class plus 2 mobile carts, which allow teachers to engage students with technology in their classrooms. We also have select pods which are Bring Your Own Device.

Special Programs:

  • International Student Program
  • Indigenous Education Program
  • Social Emotional Learning Program (District Supported)
  • BASES Program (School-Based SEL Support)
  • WEB Program
  • Band Program
  • Choir Program
  • Guitar Program
  • World Percussion Program