Parents & Students

Parent Involvement
Research tells us that parental involvement with the school impacts their child’s achievement in the following ways:
• Student achievement improves in a home environment that encourages learning.
• Student achievement improves in a home environment where parents express high (but not unrealistic) expectations for the children’s achievement and future careers.
• Student achievement improves when parents become involved in their children’s education at school and in the community.

Parent Volunteers
The quality of education in our school is greatly enhanced by parent volunteers.  If you can spare some time each week to work at the school, please let us know of your interest.  All volunteers must go through the mandatory screening process required by School District #34.  This screening may require a criminal record check.

Student Attendance
Except for illness or unavoidable family concerns, all students should attend school everyday.  Absent students will miss not only the lessons of the day, but also the learning that takes place in group discussion where students begin to appreciate the different views and abilities of others.  Learning that is lost due to absence can never be adequately replaced.

Procedure for Student Absence
• When students are away, parents are to inform the school by phone before classes begin in the morning at 604-859-8700 or NEW THIS YEAR - you may directly report this inform the school on our website (under Report Absence or Late).
• Students will be requested to supply a doctor’s note to verify long-term illness.
• Students on short-term absences are responsible for finding out from their teacher the assignments they have missed and make up this work.
• We strongly discourage students missing the school day (or part of the school day) and then attending extra-curricular school function.  We may not allow them to participate if this occurs. 
• Students must sign out when they leave the school and we must confirm this with a parent/guardian that you are leaving for your safety.  If not, consequences may be implemented.

School Safety

The safety of students at Howe Middle School is given the highest priority.  The following procedures and expectations have been put in place to ensure the security of the school and to lessen any possible harm to students.

Closed Campus
Howe Middle School has a closed campus policy.  This means that:
• Only students who attend Howe Middle School are to be on the School grounds during the school day
• Once students arrive at school they must remain on the school grounds for the remainder of the day
• Students are not allowed to leave the campus for lunch or any other reason without being signed out by a parent or guardian
• Howe is a “sales free school”, which means students are not allowed to come to school and sell their personal items or goods.

If students must leave the campus please follow these expectations:
• Parents or guardians must come into the school to sign the students out at the office if the student is leaving the school for any reason
• If parents are not picking up the student, office staff must have a signed note from the parent or speak to the parent on the telephone.  Office staff will then allow the student to leave the school

Visitors and Parents
• All visitors are required to report to the office upon arrival at Colleen and Gordie Howe.
• Visitors will receive from the office staff authorization for their presence in the school and will pick up a guest tag if necessary
• Visitors who arrive with no specific purpose will be asked to leave the school property

Procedure for late arrival at school
Students who are late to school and class disrupt the learning of other students and often waste the time of office staff and teachers
• Students who arrive late in the morning or after lunch must report to the office to sign in
• Students who are consistently late will be referred to the administration

Procedure for Students bringing valuables to school
Students are strongly discouraged from bringing valuables, including hand held games, iPods, mp3 players, digital cameras, cell phones, expensive shoes, or jewelry to school.
• Valuable items are brought to school at the owner’s risk; the school is not able to cover losses.

Skateboards, Scooters and Bicycles
• For safety reasons, skateboards, bicycles, roller blades and scooters are not to be used on school property.
• The skateboard park adjacent to Howe Middle is available for use during the lunch period. HELMETS are MANDATORY.
• Bicycles are to be parked and LOCKED in the bike racks provided.  Students are not permitted to play on the bike rack during the day.
• Appropriate safety gear (helmets) MUST be worn by students using bikes or skateboards on their way to and from school.

Abbotsford Police
The Abbotsford Police in partnership with School District #34 run a police liaison program in where an Abbotsford Police officer is assigned to a number schools to help them in the following ways: student education programs (i.e.. bullying, drug and alcohol speeches), school events, community outreach,  student support with community related issues, and discipline support.   If there is a police car in front of the school, it doesn’t mean something “bad” is happening at Howe Middle.  The police are required to meet with school administration often to see if their support is needed and we believe this partnership is important to us encouraging positive behaviours within our school community.  Students are encouraged to meet with our Police Liaison and have a positive relationship with them as they are a part of our large school community.